• come be led in the nature!
    come be led in the nature! Come explore Faial Island on wheels! You will see the island by traveling on the most wild and beautiful roads!
  • beautiful natural colors!
    beautiful natural colors! A paradise lont in the middle of the Atlantic, where the Mother Nature is the artist and the landscapes are the masterpieces!
    AMAZING ADVENTURE ROADS Explore Faial Island using the most beautiful secondary roads! A real adventure on wheels is waiting for you!
    ISLANDS OF NATURAL BEAUTY Azores are the "Pearls of the Atlantic". You will find unquestionable and beautiful landscapes. Come with us to discover them!
  • tired from the daily routine?
    tired from the daily routine? Canyoning is an activity for those who want to enjoy a different day in nature! Come to have fun with us! Come to try it!

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Welcome to Azores Archipelago!

This magnificent set of nine volcanic islands are situated in the northeast Atlantic Ocean. They form an autonomous territory that belongs to the Portuguese Republic.

These islands are divided into three groups:

West Group Central Group East Group
São Jorge
Santa Maria
São Miguel


Central Group also has an important subgroup named "Triangle Islands" composed by Faial island, Pico island and São Jorge island). In this area it's easy to visit the three islands due to its proximity.

It is in this "triangle" that Tobogã Azores develops their experiences, particularly on Faial Island. It was on this island, also known as Blue Island (all islands have an associated color), where the latest azorean terrestrial volcano has born: the Volcano of Capelinhos (1957-1958). Nowadays it is a protected area with a unusual landscape and with a geological and biological big interest. It is a mandatory point of visiting! 

In addition to the volcano, we will take you to unique beauty spots, such as the Caldeira, the Varadouro, among many others!

Are you ready?   



 So many wonders to discover. Come with us to explore them!



Faial Island Natural Park

"Destination of Excellence"

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