SECRET AND HIDDEN PARADISES Do you want to know the most secret Faial Island landscapes? Come with us and we will show you in a playful and enjoyable way!
  • beautiful natural colors!
    beautiful natural colors! A paradise lont in the middle of the Atlantic, where the Mother Nature is the artist and the landscapes are the masterpieces!
    LIGHTHOUSE FULL OF STORIES! The land emerged from the sea... the volcano spat the fire, the earth grew but the lighthouse survived to tell you this story!
    WALKING TRAILS READY ?! Come to see beautiful trails with unique landscapes where the blue of the sea meets the green of the meadows.
    ISLANDS OF NATURAL BEAUTY Azores are the "Pearls of the Atlantic". You will find unquestionable and beautiful landscapes. Come with us to discover them!

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Canyoning is a leisure activity we use different progression techniques to descend canyons formed by water erosion. To achieve all the canyon obstacles is necessary to walk, swim, climb down, or even resort to devices like the classic rope rappelling, guided rappel or even a zip line. Depending on the island, in the Azores the canyons may or may not contain water throughout the year. During the less rainy season is normal to find the canyons with no water.

Due to the specific nature of this activity, you must use a set of very specific and certified equipment, according to all European Norms and Directives. In addition to the guaranteed certification, Tobogã is demanding regarding to the choice of equipment available to its customers. It is why we only work with the best and most up to date equipment available on the market, all tested in the field by our guides and trainers!

Our requirement is your safety!


Anyone incorporating the basic skills of walking and capable of supporting physical effort of medium-low intensity for about prolonged periods of time (3hours or 1km in hilly terrain) can perform this activity. We note, however, some general restrictions (conditions applied by our avaliable equipment):

 Minimal age

12 years old*

 Maximal age  ---
Minimal Height and Weight  50 Kg | 155 cm
 Maximal Height and Weight  105 kg | 190 cm

*Only for Easy and Medium Tobogã Canyoning.  Under 18 only with permission of Carer (contractor's responsibility). Minimal of 18 years old for Canyoning Adventure and Canyoning Expedition.


Tobogã is a company that makes a difference in the way how develop this activity. It all starts with training. It is the only company in Portugal with International and Professionals Canyoning Guides by the International Canyoning Commission (CIC), which form guides with worldwide recognition and whose training focuses on conducting groups in canyoning.

Access to our Canyoning Guides team is restricted. It is a prerequisite that all have successfully completed the demanding Canyoning Guide Assistant course, with a duration of 10 days (100 hours) organized by Tobogã, which is also a training provider. After successfully completing this course, a candidate may be invited to join our canyoning guides team (Tobogã Team).

After at least one year as an Canyoning Guide Assistant, it is possible to perform the Canyoning Guide course, lasting 8 days (80 hours). Apart from this training process, all of our Canyoning Guides have a regular training plan for skills improvement.

In addition to the demanding training, it is also a demand that all of our clients be equiped with the best market equipment options, all tested in the field by our guides and training instructors! Due to the specific nature of this activity, it is mandatory that all these equipment are in compliance with the European Norms and Directives.


 fato  Botas  capacete  arnes
Wetsuit with hood:
- Specific for canyoning
- 5mm
- Always included
Canyoning boots:
- Specific for canyoning
- ADIDAS (world best model)
- To rent (limited to stock)
Helmet with European Norms:
- CE EN 12492
- UIAA 106
- Always included
Full equiped harness:
- Double Lanyard with conector
- Descender
- Always included
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