• beautiful natural colors!
    beautiful natural colors! A paradise lont in the middle of the Atlantic, where the Mother Nature is the artist and the landscapes are the masterpieces!
    WALKING TRAILS READY ?! Come to see beautiful trails with unique landscapes where the blue of the sea meets the green of the meadows.
  • tired from the daily routine?
    tired from the daily routine? Canyoning is an activity for those who want to enjoy a different day in nature! Come to have fun with us! Come to try it!
    ISLANDS OF NATURAL BEAUTY Azores are the "Pearls of the Atlantic". You will find unquestionable and beautiful landscapes. Come with us to discover them!
    HIDDEN AND AMAZING NATURE! On the inside of the rivers the nature is quiet and serene. You can admire its secrets and its magnificent scenery!

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If you want to try canyoning for the first time, the EASY CANYONING is your best option! It is performed in the most playful routes where you can try techniques such as classic or guided abseiling, slides, jumps into the water (always optional) or even zip line! It is the canyoning where you will experience the most unforgettable experience! Ideal for all kinds of groups or events (birthdays, bachelor parties, company groups, scouts, etc)!

MEDIUM CANYONING is the next level, with longer routes and higher and technical waterfalls. For security reasons the access to this level of difficulty is limited to customers who have already participated in CANYONING EASY and are considered by Tobogã Azores Guides as "ready" for this level of difficulty.
These canyons only have water during the most raining months, showing no flow in the less rainy months or after long periods without rain.


DRY SEASON: From May to October

RAINY SEASON: From October to April

(Performed on Faial Island)


 ta canyoning 26


ta canyoning 27

dificuldade media Experience with medium difficulty. You will have to walk in irregular terrain.
numero de participantes

Experience realizable with 2 to 6 participants.

Minimal age: 12 years old.

tempo de atividade Experience whit approximately 5 to 6 hours.

Pedestrian trip whit technical equipment.


We recommend you to bring water and a snack.

alojamento Not included. We have hosting partners. Contact us for more information.

From 60€/PAX. 

fotografias Offer of the Experience photographs.

- Personal Accident and Liability Insurance ;
- Highly trained and experienced guides;
- Top of the range technical equipment.
- Underwear Change;
- Towel, shorts or bathing suit;
- Sunblock (recommended);
- Footwear to wet.
- You can request transportation from your location (in Faial Island) to the place of experience for just +10€ per person (limited to 6 people).

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