WALKING TRAILS READY ?! Come to see beautiful trails with unique landscapes where the blue of the sea meets the green of the meadows.
  • beautiful natural colors!
    beautiful natural colors! A paradise lont in the middle of the Atlantic, where the Mother Nature is the artist and the landscapes are the masterpieces!
    LIGHTHOUSE FULL OF STORIES! The land emerged from the sea... the volcano spat the fire, the earth grew but the lighthouse survived to tell you this story!
    A PLACE MADE BY VOLCANOES Islands made by the fire of the Atlantic Volcanoes! Each one of them with a history to tell! Come to meet these amazing natural monuments!
  • come be led in the nature!
    come be led in the nature! Come explore Faial Island on wheels! You will see the island by traveling on the most wild and beautiful roads!

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Este é uma excelente maneira de conhecer a geodiversidade da nossa ilha! Aguenta o desafio?

The 10 Volcanoes Trail is a route with about 21 Km which conects Caldeira Volcano to Capelinhos Volcano. This route's name came from the alignment of volcanoes that grow between those two places by a fissural volcanic system which creates the Capelo Peninsula, the youngest part of Faial Island with about 10 thousands years old.

This trail has a lot of different stunning landscapes that are allways changing! Some We have to walk on huge craters, on deep forests, on deserts and also in lot of sleeping volcanoes with amazing surprises!

This is an excelent way to know our geodiversity! Do you accept the challenge?

(Performed on Faial Island)




cabeços vista

dificuldade media Experience with hard difficulty. It's about 21 Km long with some intense ascents. 
numero de participantes Experience realizable with minimum of 2 participants.
tempo de atividade Experience whit approximately 7 to 10 hours.
trilho pedestre

Pedestrian trip. Bring appropriate footwear and clothing for rain, wind and mud.

alojamento Not included. We have hosting partners. Contact us for more information.
2PAX: 80€/pax
3/4 PAX: 70€/pax
5+ PAX: 60€/pax
You can check our full price list HERE.
fotografias Offer of the Experience photos.
- Personal Accident and Liability Insurance;
- Experienced local guides certified by the Azorean Tourism Department. 
- Protection for the sun (hat, sunblock...).
- Good footwear and clothes dor mud, rain or wind.





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