BAYS AND NATURAL POOLS In the midst of the black stones you'll find clear and refreshing waters! Come take a swim in the quiet waters of the Atlantic!
  • beautiful natural colors!
    beautiful natural colors! A paradise lont in the middle of the Atlantic, where the Mother Nature is the artist and the landscapes are the masterpieces!
  • come be led in the nature!
    come be led in the nature! Come explore Faial Island on wheels! You will see the island by traveling on the most wild and beautiful roads!
    LAND BORNED FROM THE SEA! Dormant volcanoes with many stories to tell ... they are as "scary" as beautiful. Come and meet them!
    SECRET AND HIDDEN PARADISES Do you want to know the most secret Faial Island landscapes? Come with us and we will show you in a playful and enjoyable way!

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1. General Information

These terms and conditions govern the sale of services and experiences among the Tobogã Azores and the client.
Tobogã through its media and promotion partners, presents and offers a number of tourist entertainment activities to be enjoyed by the buyer directly or indirectly. These activities are organized, performed and produced by Tobogã and / or suitable and qualified suppliers under agreements between each of them and Tobogã.
Once selected activity or product (either directly on the premises of Tobogã through a partner, participating stores, a Web page or other forms, the Tobogã refer to you , after payment of the price, with proof (and email, voucher, invoice, or other proof) that will grant you the right to perform the activity or product purchased.

2. Registration, Booking and Reserve


The registration activity presupposes a knowledge and acceptance of these conditions.


The particular conditions overlap to these general conditions.

The marking of the activities or ordering of products should be made as far in advance as possible. To make a reservation please contact our services through the mobile number +351 968 749 742 or at www.toboga.pt/azores. Should only consider marking as final after receiving the confirmation of our services by phone, SMS or email. On carrying out the activities must be accompanied by proof of payment or any other form of evidence (voucher or other) as a means of payment from our guide / monitor.

3. Activities

The details and the respective levels of difficulty of activities are available for consultation on the website of the Tobogã, and they may be transmitted verbally or sent when requesting information or hiring them.

Since the activities are heavily dependent on weather conditions, it is possible that your activity has to be changed. The information provided by tobogã on the duration and type of activity is always based on estimated and under ideal circumstances, so they are not owed any rights by changing activities or the same pathways.

The Tobogã reserves the right to cancel activities, with no compensation. In this case, the Tobogã reimburses the customer of the amount already paid, after deducting the expenses incurred in organizing the respective activity when:

a) are not meeting the number of participants required for each activity (if applicable);

b) climatic conditions, hydrographic, or other security to impracticable;

Confirmation of the activities are usually carried out with one or two days before the activity date. Due to the instability of the time, the Tobogã is on your right to confirm the activities up to 12 hours before the activity.

The right to perform an activity with their voucher / proof of purchase ceases when:

a. the customer does not appear at the time and place mentioned in the booking form or transmitted to perform the activity;

b. the client before the start of the activity, do not submit a ticket / voucher / proof of purchase or booking form valid;

c. following the administration of Tobogã, has not received payment of their activity and the client can not, at this time, provide proof of payment. In all these situations, it is considered that the activity was performed. The voucher is void. This also applies to situations where it is not possible to perform the activity due to the circumstances described in the art. 3.3 º .

d. in case of no-show the day of the activity, and if it has not been paid in full activity, will be charged a fee of 10 € / person (due to the activation of insurance, guides, travel, etc..). In the case of voucher `s of companies providing experiences like Smartbox, etc., these rules are followed, i.e. the voucher will be given as used, there will be no refund.

The participants in activities must comply with the instructions given by the Tobogã guides and other employees, both during and after activities.

By participating in an activity, clients accept the risks arising there from, not be held liable for the Tobogã.

The Tobogã is not responsible for any damage or loss of personal equipment (garments, cameras or camcorders, etc..).

The Tobogã cannot be held liable for accidents resulting from carelessness of the participants or their disregard for the particulars of their guide / instructors.

The Tobogã cannot be held responsible for acts that do not depend on his will or control as well as its employees.

4. Restrictions
It is the customer's responsibility to ensure it is in conditions of health (physical and mental health, etc..) to perform the contracted activities.

In case of doubt, please contact us. We guarantee that we will do everything possible to make our customers with some kind of physical limitation always have the opportunity to enjoy our activities properly. To this end, we request that any such restrictions are mentioned before the time of purchase / reservation, so we can take the necessary steps to meet the needs of our client.
We note, however, some general restrictions (conditions applied by the equipment):

Minimum age allowed: under 18 only with permission of parents / guardians (the responsibility of the contractor);
Maximum age admitted: not applicable
Minimum height and weight: 50 kg | 150
Weight and height: 105 kg | 190 cm

5. Refunds
Reimburse all undated voucher until 15 days after the date of purchase against charging an administrative charge of 20% of its value, with a minimum of 20 euros. The repayment is always made to the entity or person who purchased the voucher, unless expressly otherwise indicated. In case of payment through credit card, the refund amount will be credited to the account of this same card deducted from their burden.

6. Cancellations
If you wish to cancel or change your appointment, you must do so with a minimum of 5 working days. Cancellations with less than the notice period mentioned above entail loss of the right to a new one. If you do not attend at the time and place scheduled to conduct its business without canceling your appointment as referred to, lose the right to enjoy the same.
Important: You can only cancel your activity / reservation once (within the rules above). A second cancellation will lead to the loss of the right to enjoy the same. In case you need to cancel the execution of the activity for reasons beyond our control (eg weather), we will notify you as soon as possible and we will hold every effort to introduce you an alternative date at your convenience.

6.1. On the day:
If you have any problems on the day of activity or achievement to submit a complaint, please mention it directly to the direction Tobogã via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">aThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the earliest opportunity, so that we can reward and improve our service.

7. Atmospheric Conditions and technical Unforeseen
The realization of the activities are subject to the existence of technical conditions and favorable weather. If activities are canceled, you will be offered the possibility to make a new reservation, and must be the client to indicate a new date, but always subject to weather conditions and availability of the respective day of Tobogã. If the customer incurs expenses or losses of a cancellation on the day of adverse weather conditions or unforeseen unrelated to Tobogã, the latter cannot be held responsible for the same.

8. Insurance
The risks inherent in performing activities of tourist activities are covered by a personal accident policy and a liability policy whose coverage is provided for in the legislation, namely:
i) Payment of the costs of treatment, including hospitalization, and medicines, to the annual amount of € 3,500;
ii) Payment of a capital of € 20,000, in case of death or permanent disability of their customers, reducing the capital death reimbursement of funeral expenses when they have less than 14 years old;
Liability insurance ensures € 50,000 per claim, with the annuity to guarantee damages caused by accidents occurring during the policy period, provided that unclaimed for one year after termination of the contract.
NOTE: Any expenditure above these values cannot be performed by Tobogã. If you wish to hold the activity with values superior to contractors and / or not listed in the insurance policy, the Tobogã may request a specific proposal to the insurance company.

9. Vouchers, Gift Voucher

9.1.Voucher `s
Once selected activity or product (either directly on the premises of tobogã through a partner, participating stores, a Web page or other forms, the Tobogã refer to you, after payment of the price, a voucher that you grant the right to perform the activity or product purchased, which will have to present on the day (s) (s) activity (s) and / or service (s).

Delivery of the voucher:
Your voucher is sent by regular mail (plus a cost, which must request specific information for each case) or by email. Shipping is normally carried out two days after receipt of your payment method, unless you prefer to collect on our premises or opt for a form of personalized delivery. Please contact us if you would like more information about customized deliveries. The voucher can be sent to you or directly to indicate who provided that clearly identifies the data relating to the consignee. If your voucher, for whatever reason, does not reach the recipient, we will send a new voucher free of charge (only valid for shipping by e-mail), proceeding to cancel the voucher misplaced.

Validity of vouchers:
All vouchers have a validity period of one year after the date of purchase, unless otherwise inscribed on it. During the six months following the expiry of the validity vouchers can be revalidated once upon payment of a fee of 25 €. End of this period, the voucher is canceled, it cannot be revalidated. The revalidation of the voucher does not give the new expiry date, allowing just a new labeling since made within 5 working days to a date in the period of three months immediately following the revalidation.

Description of vouchers:
The description of each voucher in our catalog / website is abbreviated but as explicit as possible. However, the content and format of the voucher `s may vary during the year. Updated details are available through our website www.tobogã.pt/azores.
These details may also be mentioned in the voucher sent to you and upon confirmation of your booking.

Exchanging vouchers:
It is permitted to exchange vouchers, provided that they are available in the catalog of Tobogã vouchers, by deducting a service fee.

10. Image Rights

Tobogã Azores during your activities can make images and video coverage (with sound) of these activities. Thus, except where indicated otherwise writing, prior to the activity, the participant in the activities gives all rights and authorizes the use of photos and videos collected during the activities and the periods before and after the same, for placement on the site and sending audiovisual material to all customers and marketing and advertising Tobogã partners. Still reserve all copyright to the Tobogã Azores.

11. Privacy

Tobogã guarantees by all means possible confidentiality of any data supplied by its customers. Data subjects are collected holders the following rights:
1. right to information (Article 10 of the SMP), ie, at the time of collection must be informed of the purpose thereof;
2. right of access, rectification and deletion (Article 11 LPD), and if applied
3. right to oppose (art 12 of the LPD) to use the data for marketing purposes or passed on to third parties.
If you wish, at any time, no longer be part of the Tobogãdatabase may exercise this right through the following means:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: +351 968 749 742

12. Suggestions and Complaints

Your opinion is important to us. If you have any suggestions or complaints do not hesitate to submit to, it will be the best way to improve our service and satisfactorily resolve any and all disputes.

13. Validity

These conditions may be revoked or changed without prior notice for contracts, agreements or obligations assumed parallel however written.

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