• beautiful natural colors!
    beautiful natural colors! A paradise lont in the middle of the Atlantic, where the Mother Nature is the artist and the landscapes are the masterpieces!
    HIDDEN AND AMAZING NATURE! On the inside of the rivers the nature is quiet and serene. You can admire its secrets and its magnificent scenery!
    LIGHTHOUSE FULL OF STORIES! The land emerged from the sea... the volcano spat the fire, the earth grew but the lighthouse survived to tell you this story!
    AMAZING ADVENTURE ROADS Explore Faial Island using the most beautiful secondary roads! A real adventure on wheels is waiting for you!
    A PLACE MADE BY VOLCANOES Islands made by the fire of the Atlantic Volcanoes! Each one of them with a history to tell! Come to meet these amazing natural monuments!

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+ Confidence 

+ Articulation means

Tobogã Azores develops with organizations working in the field of prevention and joint actions for emergencies and rescue, having special relevance in this case the joint work with the Faial Fire Department Rescue Group.

All materials and techniques used are duly certified by the competent bodies, having a constant search for solutions easier and effective.

That is our policy, your safety!






+ Professionalism

+ Training

+ Responsibility

Tobogã Azores carefully selected it's crew according to their personal, technical, social and curricular skills. We also maintains a training regimen to ensure maximum excellence in our services.

The Tobogã is a company duly licensed with the guardianship, possessing the license of registered tourism company and enrollment in RNAAT No. 50/2007.






+ Resource conservation

+ Prevention

Tobogã Azores  is a company that the "Nature" of their products, is highly committed to environmental,adopting a sustainable approach, preventive, enabling the prevention of future risks.

Through their actions, promotes the adoption of responsible attitudes towards the environment and society, thus ensuring not only not scarcity of resources, but also benefit the whole society.

All its environmental policy is based on the creation of partnerships for networking with various organizations and associations.





+ Associations

+ Civics

Tobogã Azores company as tourist entertainment sector has developed a set of partnerships with associations for society, thus contributing to the strengthening of associations and civility in general.

It is through the ongoing dialogue with the Tobogã Azores forces of society, we try to bring about changes in behavior of the company and of society in general, being more alert, leading to greater social legitimacy.

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