A LAND FULL OF AMAZING TREASURES! Come to walk into a scenary worthy of a painting where Mother Nature is the artist! Unique experiences that will remain forever in your mind!
  • tired from the daily routine?
    tired from the daily routine? Canyoning is an activity for those who want to enjoy a different day in nature! Come to have fun with us! Come to try it!
    SECRET AND HIDDEN PARADISES Do you want to know the most secret Faial Island landscapes? Come with us and we will show you in a playful and enjoyable way!
    LAND BORNED FROM THE SEA! Dormant volcanoes with many stories to tell ... they are as "scary" as beautiful. Come and meet them!
    BAYS AND NATURAL POOLS In the midst of the black stones you'll find clear and refreshing waters! Come take a swim in the quiet waters of the Atlantic!

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Tobogã - Sport, Adventure and Leisure, Ltd., is a tourism company, specializing in Canyoning, with license RNAAT No. 50/2007 of the Portugal Tourism Institute and is the only company in the country with Professional and International Canyoning Guides, formed by International Canyoning Commission (CIC).


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Keeping the "Mother company" core values ​​- security, integrity and excellence, Tobogã Azores brings together a range of guides, carefully selected according to their personal, social and curricular competencies in order to provide the best service to our customers, such as the canyoning, where the guides had to pass rigorous courses, fully oriented for people guiding in canyoning, which is something very different from sports canyoning courses.

Because of the very specific features of Azores, Tobogã Azores offers to it's costumers a diverse range of experiences, developing activities on land showing to our clients the natural and cultural heritage of these islands.

Like Tobogã who has recognition as a company that develops nature tourism activities by Portugal Tourism Agency and Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Institute - ICNB, Tobogã Azores has a cooperation protocol with the Environmental Management and Nature Conservation Society -. Azorina, SA., being Partner for Sustainable Development of Natural Parks of the Azores.


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The Tobogã Azores also maintains close links with the rescue units such as fire department rescue teams, to ensure total security in our activities, as well as the immediate response in case something unforeseen.


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